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Leadership training at Desinmec

Within the framework of the activities for the 18 years of Desinmec Ingeniería, a training session was held for the entire team of collaborators. With the coordination of Lic. Mónica Beranger, Executive and Team Coach (PCC), we work on leadership.

Lorena Rougier, responsible for the company’s Corporate Strategy, expressed: “We wanted to celebrate it in a different way. It has to do with growth from a human point of view.”

For her part, Mónica Beranger said: “I was summoned by Desinmec to do a job with the group of leaders. The intention is to change habits that perhaps were not so effective and acquire others that allow us to be more efficient, more effective.”

Finally, Rougier completed “we have to maintain a balance by reinforcing ties, with customers, with suppliers and now we are reinforcing an internal link, in the work team.”